Eco-Friendly Swag

Here at Loyola, we place a huge emphasis on being sustainable and eco-friendly members of society. Many of our own efforts over the past five years have been focused on cutting down our own ecological footprint. As a guest of the University, you can join in on our mission! Here are some eco-friendly “swag” ideas for conferences, events, or wedding receptions. Click the name of the product to be taken to its official website!


Matchstick Garden

Tear out a matchstick, plant it tip first in soil and you will soon have a flower, herb or vegetable garden growing. On the tip of each match are seeds already mixed to grow.


Fair Trade Chocolate

Guilt chocolate? Yeah right. This Equal Exchange Chocolate is made with pure ingredients grown by farmers in Central and Latin America AND it comes in a variety of delicious flavors.


Fair Trade Coffee

How about some fair trade coffee with that fair trade chocolate? Grounds for Change is a certified organic coffee roaster specializing in 100% Fair Trade Coffee. You can also choose from more than 20 different blends!


Compact Reusable Bag

At $6 a bag, the Original Chico Bag is a great and inexpensive gift to give your guests. It is reusable, durable, easy to clean, and when you’re done shopping, it can be rolled back up and zipped into itself.


Seed Bombs

Seed bombs are a great way to give your guests a gift that’s also a tool to beautify the landscape! The personalized muslin pouch is screenprinted by hand to commemorate your big day. Inside the pouch are five gumball-sized seed bombs with an insert with brief planting instructions and a full list of the seeds included.


Shower Timer

Encourage your guests to conserve water and energy with this four-minute shower timer. Over time, widespread use of shower timers will help lower the ecological footprint of communities worldwide.


Bamboo Flash Drives

USB Flash Drives are practical swag for conferences, and can usually be customized with your company’s name as well. Why not choose to use a bamboo cased drive as opposed to a plastic one?


Organic Lip Balm

Give your guests the gift of moisturized lips with these organic and sustainably-produced chapsticks.


Recycled Notebook

Not only are these adorable hand-designed notebooks made out of 100% post-consumer product, but also a portion of all sales go to schools in Africa to purchase simple school supplies like notebooks, pens, pencils, and erasers.


Plantable Paper

This company makes paper out of fiber and wildflower seeds! Whether you’re using it to print a menu, agenda, flyer, or just a cool shape with your company name, this paper is eco-friendly AND reusable.


Organic Soap

This 100% organic, vegan, and deliciously scented soap is the perfect gift to give your guests. Also, for every bar sold, the Poppy Soap Co. will donate a bar of soap to a women’s shelter. So far 4,553 bars have been donated!


Organic Candles

Handcrafted in Chicago, these customized biodegradable candles are made from a mix of organic coconut wax and non-GMO eco soy wax and are dermatology-tested for use as a body moisturizer as well. $1 from each candles’ sale will benefit a Francis Ellis Candles’ preferred charity or one close to your own heart.


Potted Succulents or Herbs

Small potted plants are nice gifts, but potted succulents or herbs are even better because they require little care or responsibility. Herbs can be stored in your guests’ kitchens to use during cooking as well.


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