Student Employee Profile – Fran


Fran Mangahas

Junior, Assistant Housekeeping Manager

Summers working for CS:
“This summer will be my second summer with CS”

Why you enjoy working for Conference Services:
“I enjoy working for CS because I get to spend a summer in the best city ever! Plus, I work with a great group of people that I can call some of my closest friends.”

Favorite event in Chicago during the summer:

Best part about Chicago in the summer:
“It’s warm so you can go exploring! I like trying different food places, going to different festivals, and seeing new parts of the city I haven’t been to before.”

Area restaurant recommendation:
Gyu-Kaku. It’s a Japanese BBQ place off of Ohio Street. Probably my favorite restaurant downtown!”

Where to go in Chicago or around Loyola to relax after a Conference:
“I think off the Fullerton or Belmont stop is a great place to go. There are a bunch of hole in the wall food places and little coffee shops that are good for relaxing after a conference.”


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