Top Ten Reasons To Host Your Event At A University


1. State-of-the-art meeting spaces

Universities are always ahead of the game when it comes to meeting space. The frequency at which universities must hold meetings (think academics, donors, capital planning, etc.) ensures that every room will be updated, comfortable, and modern.

For example, Loyola’s Cuneo Hall is a LEED Gold Certified building that opened in June 2012. It’s ecologically sustainable meeting spaces include mechanically ventilated rooms, natural air conditioning via chilled rainwater, and sustainable, recycled materials. In addition, Cuneo Hall is covered with a green roof, which helps insulate the building year round.



2. Advanced technology

Not only do universities have state-of-the-art meeting spaces, they also boast advanced technology. Any audio or visual capability needed is available for use at a moment’s notice, and technicians are often made available for assistance.



3. Plentiful university resources

If you host your event at a university, odds are you will have access to all the same resources made available to students – and that’s a lot! Universities almost always have computer labs, art studios, IT services, research support, wireless internet, health centers, security, and much more.


fall 2013 campus lsc

4. Beautiful historic buildings and architecture

Most universities in the United States are home to some amazingly beautiful and historic buildings. An aesthetically pleasing location is a key factor for a successful conference or event, and universities can provide just that.

We might be biased, but here at Conference Services we believe Loyola University Chicago is one of the most beautiful campuses around. Our campus includes stately buildings from the early 20th century, as well as modern architectural marvels like the Richard J. Klarchek Information Commons. Additionally, our campus’ location right on the shores of Lake Michigan adds to its natural beauty. There is nothing like walking along the lakeside on a warm, sunny day!

And if natural beauty isn’t your thing (is this even possible?), our Water Tower campus is nestled in the heart of Chicago’s Gold Coast, just steps away from the historic Water Tower and Michigan Avenue.



5. Abundance of athletic facilities

Thanks to well-funded sports programs, most universities have state-of-the-art athletic facilities. These facilities are perfect for large gatherings, group activities, teamwork exercises, and much more.


Fall 2013 LSC2

6. Affordability

What’s better than an amazing location with modern facilities? An amazing location with modern facilities at an affordable price! Universities are known to be a much cheaper option than other event venues, simply because they are so large and not-for-profit.



7. Great platform for educational sessions

If you host your educational event or conference at a university, then you are absolutely in the right place. Because of a university’s inherent academic purpose, educational sessions are a perfect fit. An abundance of resources, advanced technology, classrooms, lecture halls, and academic materials all caters to learning-based meetings and conferences. Not to mention, a university campus does a great job at setting a scholarly mood!



8. A multitude of venues varying in size

Because a university is a collection of venues as opposed to one single venue, you will be sure to find the perfect size space for your conference, event, or meeting.



9. Auditoriums for performances

What university doesn’t have an auditorium? This type of space is a necessity for such a large institution, which guarantees you will have at least one auditorium style option. These types of venues are perfect for lectures, performances, presentations, and large meetings.

Loyola University Chicago has seven auditoriums – each ranging in size and style.

Mullady Theatre
Crown Center Auditorium
Galvin Auditorium
Life Science Building Auditorium
Mundelein Auditorium
Damen Student Center Theater (Movie theater style)



10. One stop shop

As you can see from the previous nine reasons, Universities are a one stop shop for conferences, meetings, and events. Additionally, most universities offer dormitory and apartment style housing, catering, cafeteria facilities and food, and a multitude of other amenities.

Loyola University Chicago offers all of  those things, as well as any resource the city of Chicago has to offer. The Loyola and Granville “L” Stops are mere steps away from campus, and multiple bus routes run right by campus. The Lakefront pedestrian path that extends the length of Lake Shore Drive next to Lake Michigan is a great way to get outside and explore the city as well.


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