Teambuilding matters in the workplace

Do you ever feel disconnected from your coworkers? Are you having trouble communicating to get important tasks done? Participating in a group team building activity may be the solution and Loyola University Chicago has the answer. 

Team building has been proven to be one of most successful ways to promote trust, communication, and respect amongst coworkers. Research continues to show us that experiential activities and challenges are the best ways to strengthen teams in the work place. Experiential team building activities help reduce stress, promote group focus, and improve communication and attitudes in the workplace. When we feel like we belong to a team, we begin to feel like we are part of something that is ultimately bigger than ourselves, which can be very motivational. This can help team members recognize the mission of your organization and help them focus on promoting success and growth.

There are many different team building activities; we even offer some at Loyola’s Retreat and Ecology Campus in Woodstock, Illinois.

If you’re looking for a hands on way for your team to focus on goal setting, problem solving and leadership skills the challenge and ropes course is the perfect solution. The challenge course at Loyola’s Retreat and Ecology Campus was built in 2011, and is one of the largest courses of its kind in Illinois. Some key features include a 3-sided climbing tower, two high rope courses, a zip line, and 15 low-rope elements. There are even customized challenge programs offered to meet your organization’s specific needs and goals.


The challenge course is available for half, full, and multi-day programs for groups of 12-200. For more information on bringing your group to the campus visit

Team building doesn’t stop with the challenge course; our retreat campus also offers customized cooking classes. If your team doesn’t want to brave the outdoor challenge course, you can choose to participate in a cooking class tailored to your group’s needs. Your group will divide into small teams to collaborate on a dish to create. At the end, your group will come together to show and share their creations. This is a relaxed, fun, and creative way for your team to build relationships and demonstrate that there is truly no “I” in “team”.

Up for a competitive culinary challenge? Work as a team in the Iron Chef Experience. In this activity your group works as a team to create the best possible menu. This is a competition; teams will be mentored by our campus chefs and will have the chance to sample all the menu items created. This challenge stimulates critical thinking and planning, skills which are very valuable in the workplace. At the end of the competition, there will be one winning team!  

Want to learn more?  Visit or contact at 815.338.1032.

Published by Signe Aufdencamp, Conference Services intern


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